Break Cancer's Hold

Dantari has developed a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform with its Targeted High-capacity Drug Conjugate (T-HDC) technology. Our technology enables a significantly higher drug-to-antibody ratio compared to traditional ADCs and provides further benefit by incorporating tunable release of payload. Dantari’s T-HDC next-generation targeted therapeutics can deliver much larger payloads for greater efficacy and broad therapeutic potential.

T-HDCs target the cancer cells and tumors for greater efficacy and safety than traditional chemotherapy, first-generation ADCs, and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery systems.


Dantari is a clinical stage biotechnology company committed to creating breakthrough therapies for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. We are excited by our rapid development and the capability of our proprietary platform technology to improve the health of patients through:

  • Targeting for enhanced payload delivery
  • Tunable release of the therapeutic payload without ‘burst release’
  • Broad treatment range with improved efficacy and safety
  • Polymer- vs lipid-based chemistry for accumulation and penetration in solid tumors
  • Modularity with flexibility to mix & match payloads and targeting binders

“Our vision is to help patients by delivering groundbreaking targeted high-capacity therapeutics with enhanced efficacy and safety.”

— Richard Markus, MD, PhD, Dantari President and CEO


T-HDCs are the Next-Generation ADC Targeted Therapeutics

T-HDCDantari has developed a highly innovative and differentiated Targeted High-capacity Drug Conjugate (T-HDC) platform to overcome limitations of first-generation platforms such as traditional antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). T-HDCs are designed to provide superior therapeutic profiles with a high drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR~60) for greater efficacy including bystander effect and treating heterogeneous disease.

Based on our proprietary technology, our T-HDC platform is comprised of an optimized high-capacity drug conjugate payload with the added benefit of a targeting binder. The optimization includes tunable release kinetics without the significant ‘burst release’ frequently observed with other delivery platforms. Adding targeting binders enhances efficacy and enables multi-valency or multi-specificity. Furthermore, the surface chemistry of our technology is designed to evade the immune system. Together, these advances combine for greater tumor accumulation and bystander effect for enhanced treatment of patients including those with heterogenous tumors.

Delivery isn’t just local. It’s targeted.

Our unique use of binders drives the treatment into tumor cells and not the rest of the body. This targeting and platform features can reduce the severity of adverse effects and give clinicians greater control and precision for treatment.


Dantari’s Best-In-Class Oncology Portfolio

Our pipeline currently consists of T-HDC products to treat breast cancer and prostate cancer. For additional diseases, we can combine known, effective payloads (e.g., Topoisomerase inhibitors, Taxanes, Anthracyclines, and others) with a targeting agent customized for the target tumor (e.g., HER2, PSMA, Trop-2, HER3, DLL3, etc.).


Looking Ahead

With the successful treatment of cancers from our initial trials, we plan to bring our targeted therapeutic platform to patients to address their health challenges in a wide range of indications.



Comprised of drug development experts, scientists, and business leaders, our team is collaborative and energetic, creating an efficient organization aimed at high performance and results.

Management Team

Richard Markus

Richard Markus, MD, PhD

President and CEO

Emily Wyatt, PhD

Emily Wyatt, PhD

Sr. Director, R&D

Gina Knox

Gina Knox, MBA

VP, Business Operations


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