"Meeting a profound unmet need in human therapeutics"

Dantari is a Los Angeles area company based on cutting edge science from one of the region’s foremost academic institutions, established to meet a profound unmet need in human therapeutics.

Dantari’s platform technology has the potential to allow the transport of small and large molecule therapeutics across the blood brain barrier (BBB). The inability to cross the BBB is not only an impediment to treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders with many existing drugs, but also represents a formidable challenge for the development of the many novel therapies in the pipeline of CNS-focused companies across the industry.

Dantari scientists are rapidly advancing therapies to treat these patients and provide meaningful medical improvement in their lives.

Our Team

We are scientists and an experienced drug development team committed to leveraging our expertise and diverse backgrounds to advance our technology to benefit patients

Management Team

Richard Markus

Richard Markus, M.D., Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Hagerty, Ph.D., M.B.A.

VP of Business & Development Operations

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Dantari is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and encourages candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences to join the team.